Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Polla? In Spain, isn't that an informal synonym for the male reproductory organ?

    You say tomato, I say tomato. Fact is, no Spanish citizens have signed up, but many Mexicans have. In Mexico and many countries of South America, Polla means pool, in the sense used in this website. So don't come to us with your dirty ideas.
  2. How do we know "the admin" won't run away with all of our money?

    You can never be sure! Well, most of you know me, know where I work, and know where I live. I very much doubt enough money will be collected to finance my early retirment in the Cayman Islands.
  3. Is it ok to use my bank account password here?

    In the server, the passwords are stored encoded (to keep a simple human from reading them) but not encrypted.
    Also, none of the passwords are transmitted securely when you submit your forms.
    For these reasons, just come up with some other password for this website (not like anyone would want access to your puny bank account, anyway).
  4. I'm not in Austin, how will I pay?

    PayPal to the rescue! Keep in mind one dollar is added though, to cover PayPal's (extorsion) fee.
  5. Does "the admin" make any money from this?

    Nope, even though "the admin" is a busy man, he does all this just for fun, zero profit. Unless "the admin" wins, of course.
  6. Can "the admin" play?

    Hell yeah! If no profit is being made, at least he should get into the fun. Trust him, he won't cheat. You're trusting him with your money and maybe your bank account password already anyway. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, then go elsewhere to play.
  7. Can I see/edit my results?

    Yeah, just go to the form, enter your nick and password and press the button that says "Load my previously submitted results".
    Edit them, and resubmit!
  8. Why don't you allow for two digit scores?

    Oh, so you're thinking of that Mexico VS Iran game already? Let's do something, 9 will be considered as a 9 or anything larger, ok?
  9. What are these teams 1A, W49, etc? Never head of such countries!

    No, you dimwit, those are place-holders for the teams that will make it to the second round and beyond. They will be replaced with the real countries as soon as they are known. And if you pay attention, you'll see that the time limit to submit those results come after the teams are known.
  10. What about extra time and penalty kicks?

    They are not considered. Only enter the results for the first 90 minutes! This means that you could enter a tie in the Final, if you believe they'll go to Extra Time.